Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last One, I Swear.

Here is an interesting article about Obama-care from CNN (thanks mom) that everyone should read. While you're at it, take a look at these stories about health care in this country - it's atrocious.

Sigh. I didn't say that this was easy, or that we should trust what everyone says ... we just need to be as informed as possible. And I know that it's hard to do.

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Matt said...

The unfortunate thing about this health care bill is that it isn't very good. It has good intentions, but it isn't good. Add to the mix that Republicans are turning it into a purely political game as they try to tank it (this will be Obama's Waterloo as per Jim DeMint) and we have a mess on our hands. Let me add that no one will give me health care without attaching a big price tag because I have diabetes. So here's a big up yours to Democrats for not writing something worth our time, Republicans for treating health care as a political game, and insurance companies for being bastards.

Too bad we couldn't hang out before I left. I didn't get to see or hear from anyone and I'm holding you personally responsible for all of it. :)