Monday, August 3, 2009


I got an 88 on my Nursing 1000 final!!! This means that if I can pass my sterile dressing change on Wednesday, I will have SQUEAKED by with an 85.8 in the class - which rounds up to an 86 - a B!!!!! HOLY CRAPPERS.

What will I do NOW on my THREE-WEEK BREAK? Oh sister-friend, I have my list prepared:
- Organize group drinking session for Wednesday
- Send out book club e-mail
- Study my ASS OFF for Wednesday's sterile dressing change
- Finish book club book (City of Thieves) and play (Waiting for Godot)
- Go to Home Depot and look for paint colors and light fixtures
- Re-read entire Twilight series
- Close on our HOUSE
- DO crazy amount of renovating on said house
- Watch movies
- Start some sort of exercise routine
- Cut hair

And seriously, the list could go on. Because I also need to PACK and CLEAN our apartment, because apparently my lovely husband is lost without me. =)

Sigh. I also have to work somewhere in there. Whatever, it DOESN'T INVOLVE THINKING. I refuse to think for the next few weeks.


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Britt said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the fabulous mark girl! That's awesome!!