Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I read a very cool blog called Young House Love - where a young couple, very much like M and I, fix up their older brick ranch house, very much like M and I! I have found ALL sorts of ideas and inspiration from their site, and it's a much-loved part of my Google reader.

John and Sherry of Young House Love do a "Fab Freebie" about once a week, and I've entered about six ... and I WON the last one!!! They were giving away a set of four crystal drinking glasses from the Mikasa Cheers Too line - SUPER CUTE.

All we had to do was leave a comment, starting with "I'll drink to that" and telling about the best toast you have ever given/heard. This is what I left:

I’ll drink to that!

The best toast ever was one that my husband did at my friend’s wedding – he told the ENTIRE room that he met these two girls training at a restaurant (me and my friend), and he really liked one…but since she went home for the summer, he was stuck with the other one…and MARRIED HER (therefore … me!).

The whole room (me included) cracked up. =)"

Yay for my winning entry! All that was left was to pick the type of glasses I wanted - white wine, double old-fashioned or highball. After MUCH deliberation, M and I picked these - super cute right?? Yay housewarming present for us!!!

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Britt said...

Ooh Congratulations! Free stuff rocks!