Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Guest Post by Myrtle

Wow! We already have a guest blogger, which is very exciting. Myrtle is a fab 20-something with a good financial head on her shoulders...and she has some great stuff to say - let's hear it for Myrtle!!

Hello. I am Myrtle, Guest blogger #1.

I am completely in line with Doris’ idea of being Zen about money. I am a true believer in the Jedi way, thus think we have the ability to use the Force (=$) for good or evil. We sometimes get so obsessed with how much we aren’t saving and the money that we don’t have that we forget the positive things on which we choose to spend our hard earned cash.

I look at the lives that some of my friends and I live and I wonder why we spend so much time and energy fretting over our financial situation. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to splurge every once in a while. As long as you avoid constantly splurging, I believe we’ll be ok.

A travel opportunity recently presented itself to me. The trip was unexpected and thus presented unanticipated expense for the month. For this reason I contemplated not going. After some deep thought I realized that the cost of the trip isn’t really prohibitive. ($250 for a plane ticket and a long weekend of fun.) While this is perhaps steep it’s not outrageous. I am young and unattached. If I can’t pick up and go now, then when will I ever be able to do so? It’s summer and I have no real vacations planned, so why not spend a little extra money for a little bit of fun.

Some of us are reluctant to jump on these types of opportunities when they arise because they throw off our budgets. I believe many of my cohorts and I are not strapped financially. Yes we are battling school loans and rents/mortgages and car payments and insurance on salaries that are much less than we deserve. Despite the occasional financial hiccup, we’re doing alright. We don’t yet have to worry about children and we are fortunate in that we don’t have any REALLY serious chronic health issues that require attention. We DO still get to go out and have fun with friends on occasion. We have some car payments and phone bills, but that also means we have cars and cells to use. Yes, loan payments suck… but it’s largely educational debt, which is not necessarily a bad type of debt to have.

I think we get caught up in micromanaging and we forget the big picture. We ARE doing ok. There are millions of people who are worse off than we are and we’re certainly feel fortunate to be in the position in which we find ourselves. I also recognize that by using the phrase “we” I am making some presumptuous claims, but I do believe that there are several readers who can relate. Yes we’d all like to save more and perhaps spend less, but maybe what we need most is to step back and breathe.

Thanks to Myrtle for her guest post!! I love advice from Myrtle because she always is so logical, even-headed and wise about most things.

If anyone else wants to be a guest blogger, or if you want to hear more from Myrtle...let me know. Happy Wednesday!

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A Concerned Citizen said...

Yay for Myrtle! I like the guest post, but what is with your old, fuddy-duddy names? Doris? Myrtle? You sound like 65 year-old grandmothers.