Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to it

Only TWO posts in May? Pathetic. And, I know it. However, in my whole trying-to-be-Zen about money thing, I kinda lost the will to post. That and I’m trying to read a bajillion books and do classwork. Yup. Oh, and I want to start volunteering. And M wants to buy a house. And, I'm slightly freaking out about changing careers and going back to school.

However, one of my faithful friends (and readers) moved all the way to Chicago, so I need to stay current on my posts. SO. I will continue to be very Zen about money…I’ll continue to update my meters (I updated them today!!)…but I’ll talk about other stuff too. Like how M made chili last night that made my mouth burn at lunch today. Or, how I woke up exactly 15 minutes before my carpool ride arrived at our complex’s front gate. Interesting stuff. Ha!

Also…I really would like to have a few guest posters. This could be friends (you KNOW who you are), or random peeps. It could be about money (or the lack thereof), or about ANYTHING. And, I’ll keep is tres anonymous if you would like. So…if anyone is interested, let me know!

I promised I would knock a bunch of work out this afternoon, so I’m going to get on it and get movin’. BUT, I pinkie promise that I will be a better blogger. Just keep your comments coming so I have a little encouragement to run on!

Happy Tuesday!

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