Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Annual Review

Last Friday I had my annual review – my SECOND annual review. I can’t believe that its been two years since I walked through that door and made myself at home in my widdle office (with a window!)… Two years is a long time, BTW. I’ve only had one other job longer than I’ve had this one, and that was waiting tables/bartending. AND, I had breaks from that (like small summer vacations and my semester abroad).

Anyway. I had my review. And it was positive for the most part! And I got a (small) raise!! Which is AMAZING, especially in this crazy economy. We’ve had three contacts get fired in the last month or so, and it makes me very nervous to not have a lot to do at work. I guess the only solution is just to keep plugging along…but I get really bored…and want to do something else.

That was something noted on my review – keep away from outside distractions. HA easier said than done…especially when there is NO way I have eight hours of work a day. NO WAY. My timesheets are lookin’ pretty slim lately. But…I can promise that I’ll do all my work…and then goof off.

So yeah. My review. I don’t have to stare THAT down for a while…and hopefully at that point I can say, “This has been fun, but I’m going back to school. Want to give me some part-time work?” Seriously…if we are still this slow (well, if we are still this slow a year from now, I probably wont have a job) I could do my job in only four hours. Whatever.

But yay! I can look forward to about an extra $100 every month! P-A-R-T-Y! No, in all seriousness…the raise is awesome. It means that I am worth something to my company and they believe in my work…even when I don’t. And, that made me feel really awful. I hate lying to my coworkers and my employer about my long-term prospects at my company…but in this economy, what else can you do?

I made myself feel better with a little shopping trip to Forever 21. I know their stuff ifs crap, but its tres cute, and in my budget of under $20. =) I bought a cute little dress (it seems that everyone is wearing dresses out…does anyone else notice that??) and a pair of earrings for about $21. Supersweet.

On another note, I finished Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress...and Kabul Beauty School. Now I'm readingThe Glass Castle...and it's kinda depressing...alas. I have to work fast though - book club is next week and I haven't read the book yet!!

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Katie said...

First Off, The Glass Castle was great. Or at least I thought so. I did find it frustrating at times but all worthwhile in the end.

Secondly, I totally understand the lying about long term prospects. I had another six month review and my manager kept talking about the next six months of 2008. I felt guilty that I will be giving my two weeks in 4 weeks.

And hurray for extra cash! The one thing the hubby asked for his birthday was a pair of $200 sunglasses! I hate saying no to him, but our budget definitely cannot handle it!