Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bunch of Meh

Dear Ridiculous Manager at Work,
Please don't ever have another pre-shift outside in 95-degree-95%-humidity-weather EVER AGAIN. Next time, I'll give you more than dirty looks. Seriously. WHY???
Love, your seriously disgruntled (and sweaty) employee.

Dear God,
Couldn't you have given us a heads-up about S's grandma? Finding out about the effects of her heart medication by HER DEATH is a kind of shitty way of us finding out. Just saying.
Love, a saddened Dani.

Dear MSON,
Please stop making me do these care map/care plan thingies. I hate them. It is not helpful to bullshit a nursing diagnosis for LAST WEEK'S 9 month-old post AVSD repair patient. Sigh.
Love, a very sleepy nursing student.

Dear In-Laws,
You rock. And your visit rocked. Sorry we are a bit boring - but it was nice to chill with you for a week! Miss you already. =)
Love, your favorite daughter-in-law

A bit of blue skies from Nassau, Bahamas:

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Britt said...

Sorry to hear about you friends Grandma!

Also...pre-shift?! Oy.