Friday, December 11, 2009

GLEEEEEEEE withdrawl.

Dude. That show is SO effing good and I am SOOO EXCITED that Spring Awakening is coming to the Queen City in the spring - Lea Michele starred in the leading female role when the show premiered on Broadway. AND have you heard that Idina Menzel (Wicked, Rent) Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening) are both set to guest star on Glee in the SPRING???? Pant pant pant.

And don't get me started on how adorable Matthew Morrison. I only say adorable because he isn't shirtless all that often on Glee - which is umm a shame:

ANYWAYS. I just watched the fall finale for the second time in three days and I don't think I can wait SIX MONTHS for the show to resume. Sigh. Oh well. I guess I'll just stick with Modern Family and The Office and 30 Rock until next April. ::pout:: DVR is NOT helping me with nursing school, that's for sure.

On the home front - I bought a rug for the front door, we took down the nasty-ass green mini blinds in the kitchen and I put really pretty paper behind the glass in bathroom cabinet. However, I didn't study AT ALL for my final today. Oh well. There is always tomorrow! =)


Britt said...

I am seriously going to miss Glee too. Love that show.

Britt said...

I'd love help on the shoe front. I'm looking for something less than a 3 inch heel. My colours are orange, yellow, green and blue so I'd love to get shoes in one of those colours. Orange would be my last choice. I want something maybe with ruffles? or a flower?

I'm hopeless! I've looked all over and can't find anything I love.